ODT - An amazing Initiative in Seoul

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hey guys!

So as I mentioned in one of my post prior to our trip, foreigners only really started visiting and living  in Korea about 10 years ago. As with any other country, change in its initial stages is always met with a bit of opposition. It is no different in Korea, as some people may find it hard to accept foreigners in their country. This is the same in many countries including some areas in London, where I currently live.

Before we went, I happened to come across a great initiative in Seoul led by a couple of guys who have formed a charitable organisation called ODT (One day thought). Their campaign, one of a few, is called 'Same Colour Inside' which is aimed at raising awareness against racism in Korea.

They  have held stalls at Seoul's yearly African Festival which started last year 2016, as well as being a part of other local events in Seoul. They have created accessories such as t-shirts, phone cases and pins to advertise and create awareness of their campaign. Many people have thanked them for the work they are doing and I am in full support of them! I think what they are doing is absolutely amazing and a great part of spearing a massive change towards how foreigners are seen and treated in South Korea.

Both myself and Shanika bought an accessory each and we both love our purchases. Please log on to their instagram page - @odt.seoul, follow and support their work.

You guys are awesome!

Speak Soon. X

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