The truth about working towards your Dreams......

Friday, August 4, 2017

Many of us if not all, have aspirations in life. We have dreams and goals concerning our careers, life, relationships and internal well-being.
The beginning stages of these dreams or amazing ideas we have are always thrilling, exciting and push us to act. We tend to listen to motivational speakers in these moments, attend workshops relating to what we want to achieve, speak to various people already in that field or that have experience and knowledge which could help us. We apply for courses, we sign up for newsletters on websites, we save up and buy materials and the equipment we need, we do a lot of research........and the list goes on and on.

But.......I think one thing which is not emphasised enough by the motivational talks and advises we receive, is the reality that comes with working towards your dream.

There's no 'hip-hooray-i'm singing in the rain' type excitement in the gruelling effort, the constant studying, the financial and social sacrifices you need to make in order to save and pay for things, the persevering through all you failures, the big and small......And ultimately the fact that you do all this alone. I mean of course, some of us are blessed that we have friends and family members who support us, but even in that, the responsibility to succeed and keep pushing and to do all the above, still falls to you, the person working towards their dream.

I know I hear it many times that not everyone will understand or stand with you, but when the reality hits, many of us are still shocked, hurt and deflated by it. It is this 'cotton-candy' effect we place on achieving our dreams that makes many of us loose heart and never see the end result we envisioned.

This blog post is coming from a personal place. I have a goal, in-fact I have many things I want to accomplish before I leave this earth.  I want to leave with absolutely nothing more to give. But speaking in short-term, I have a goal I want to achieve in the next few years and it demands a lot from me right now. In order for me to reach where I want to in the timescale I need to, there are many sacrifices and ALOT of work I need to do.

Last night, I was up thinking about everything I need to do and how to balance my life and I honestly got disheartened. The thought came to mind 'oh come on Marilyn! You don't need to do this, just live your 'normal' life like everyone else, why stress yourself?'. This has been the reasoning behind many world-changing ideas we never got to see, of which the inventors, authors, speakers, teachers etc....have taken to their grave.

Accomplishing our dreams will take ALOT of work. Yes you will NOT want to do what you need to do MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY times!! You will want to give up at various points! You may be misunderstood by your friends, family and others, you may be called boring, the un-social one etc. But always, ALWAYS, think of that person, those people, that nation, on the other side of your ideas, your dreams, your goals.

This is always my motivation and what keeps me going, let it become yours too!

Speak Soon. X

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