What is driving people away from Churches and God....

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Who would want to know the God you show? You don’t allow people to move past their mistakes, you openly despise those who have tripped up and fallen, you hide gossip and slander behind a smile and consider yourself better than others who don’t hold a title or position. You justify your disobedience and wrong acts with physical acts of service and only awaken to show concern towards people whensomething devastating happens.If anyone came to me to speak about a god like this, I for one would certainly want nothing to do with him, let alone when I see these behaviours displayed before my very eyes.Souls are human beings too. The term ‘soul’ has been used so many times it has become misconstrued. When I hear it now, it seems to represent the silhouette of a human being whom God spent delicate time putting together piece by piece. A ‘soul’ has eyes that can see, they have ears that can hear, minds that can understand and ultimately have hearts that can be broken. Don’t see pass the human being who houses the soul in an attempt to ‘save’ their soul (‘ ..’ because we are mere instruments in God’s hands, He does the saving )

God Himself, seeing how we operate, HUMBLED!! goodness it’s amazing, He humbled Himself and came down to our level, to experience the very things we do, so He May better understand us. He took the slander, lies, insults and everything else that was thrown at Him, and gave His life for us so that through FAITH in His amazing GRACE we would be saved.
Who on earth are we to misconstrue this Truth?

I'm writing this with a breaking heart, thinking about and seeing these types of behaviours displayed around me.

What are we truly doing as people of God, being the light or putting out the light of God?

Sure we all make mistakes, I’m the first to put up my hand and admit that these above things I have done at one time BUT for goodness sake, does one not learn from their mistakes? Insistently doing the same thing over and over even though you’ve been told and have also seen the end result yourself is a definite proof that you WANT to do it.

Do we actually read and meditate on the Word of God? Do we see God’s heart, mind and plan for each human heart and soul throughout His Word? Do we see His desperate pursuit of all of us, going to dark places just so He can capture our hearts, fighting till our very last breath that we may spend eternity with Him. Giving us opportunity after opportunity daily to surrender all to Him. Patiently, lovingly and with all understanding and no judgement, guiding us down the narrow path.

Instead of this, many have taken up this ambassadorship under the guidance of their own desires and human understanding. Let’s stop breaking Gods heart and draw people to Him, not push them away.

Take the time to read Colossians 3:1-17.

Speak Soon.x

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