Crossing Borders.....My Korean Journey

Monday, July 15, 2019

Let's rewind back a couple of years.

 I went to Korea in May of 2017 with a friend and we had a fantastic time! One particular day near Bukchon Hanok village, whilst sitting in Starbucks waiting for my friend to order her drink, God placed a very strong desire in me to learn the language. At the time, I had absolutely no end goal as a reason for wanting to learn Korean.  I mean, I didn't know anyone in Korea, I didn't have any Korean friends, and I didn't have any desire to live in Korea. In fact at the time I simply enjoyed the adventure of the holiday and experiencing a place and people so different to my own culture!

When we came back to London, this passion became something I couldn't shake off. I took to praying about it to make sure it was definitely something God had inspired. Truthfully, I had complete peace about it right from the very beginning. It took months of backwards and forwards with God due to so many fears and doubts pouring in my head, for me to finally decide to go ahead with what I believe God was leading me to do.

When I finally decided, new ideas started pouring into my head. I have always loved writing. From  childhood,  right through school, I have written a variety of my own stories, songs, poems as well been an avid book reader. For the past 8 years or so, I have always had an active blog, as I truly believe in the power of words. Words are what restored the former depressed and extremely insecure teenage Marilyn, so I am a firm believer in their power to do the same for everyone no matter their circumstances.

 The new ideas that started filling my head, led to a further study in Korea. This is when even more fears started pouring into my head.

That being said, you can imagine how fast that drove me to God's feet and His Word. 

Long story short, I began studying Korean by myself late 2017, passed the intermediate Korean language exam earlier on this year, then applied and got accepted to Yonsei University in South Korea to study Korean Language and Literature! Who on earth would have thought this would happen?! I mean ask me some years ago or even when I was leaving secondary school if I knew of a country called Korea and I would have said "What's that?!"

How amazing is God?! I have truly discovered that when we truly decide to live a life dependent on God and allow the Holy Spirit to really have control and leading over our lives, we will always have the most outstanding and mind blowing adventures!

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Speak Soon.X

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