My Week in Seoul.........

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hey guys!

First of all thank you for being patient with me! My last post was a while ago right? A lot has happened since then so my next series of posts will be giving you the down low!

It's been 3 weeks now since I left London bound for South Korea. My friend, Shanika, came with me to stay for the first 2 weeks. I appreciate her sooo much because honestly I don't know how I could have managed everything if she hadn't come with me.

We booked our flight tickets from November of last year. Boy that was done in faith because I still had not yet applied to any University and of course I could not have known whether or not I would be accepted. The airline we went with was Turkish Airline. Why? You ask? They were the cheapest of course!!

Unfortunately their service disappointingly followed the price we paid. We had a transit flight with a 1 hour 40 mins wait between the first flight and the second one, therefore we had to ensure we arrived in Istanbul (the transit airport) on time to make sure we could catch our second flight. 

Our first flight from Heathrow was delayed by an hour and then landing in Istanbul took 20mins, with no explanations offered. That left us with 20mins to literally run to the other side of the airport to catch our next flight. Thankfully we did!

When we arrived in Seoul with our 5 HEAVY suitcases, (I'm not joking, one of mine was 32kg, another 25kg, Shanika's 16kg and 11kg), we decided to take public transport to our AirBnb. This time I put up my hand, I was the cheapskate. Shanika suggested we take taxi from the airport, but all I could think of was the cost which was over £100 for each of us. That is a good 2 weeks or more of food at University lool. Anyway, we literally exercised our way through the bus and train climbing up and down stairs with absolutely NO ONE offering to help us. The saving grace for the Koreans on that day was one lady at our final destination. As we came up the escalators she turned around and saw our struggle and immediately offered to take one of the suitcases and walk us to our AirBnb apartment. The rest of the evening was a haze, we were knackered and quickly just ate some food and went to sleep.

Ok enough of my moan, now the fun bits! We had a lot more fun this time round in Seoul than the first time we came in 2017. My Korean friend helped us explore the not so 'touristy' parts of Seoul as well as experience some 'touristy' things we were not aware of. 

We went to a few museums (one of my favourite things to do!),  ate at a restaurant in Itaewon, saw Seoul at night at the Namsan Tower, experienced using a PC room and Karaoke room (thanks to Seoul Beffs), visited Lotte World's theme park, walked down the Cheong-gye-cheon stream (Shanika even put her feet in the water), experienced various things including wearing a Hanbok at K-Style Hub in Seoul, watched a musical at Hewa and finally visited a BEAUTIFUL park!

To spare you my many words, here are the pictures below for your enjoyment!!

Speak Soon. X

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